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Roasted Potato Seasoning in a Ramekin

A Look Inside Brozzian's Best-Selling Seasoning

Brozzian's Roasted Potato Seasoning has that unique, mesquite flavor that enhances potatoes in just the right way.

When it comes to the design, Roasted Potato comes through with bold spices, accompanied by herbs that make a smoky seasoning overall, but without any spicy heat.

A Family of Products

Family is huge with us here at Brozzian. We have always been a family-owned company since our inception in 2015.

Brothers Tom and Nick handle all daily operations, and each time they add a new product to the family, they consider many different things. This includes how it will fit in, how it will look, and most importantly, how you, the customer, will like it.

To learn more about our story, visit our About Us page. 

 Brozzian Spices lineup of Seasonings, Rubs, and Salts

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