Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your shipping details?

Do you allow returns or refunds?

Are there International taxes?

What do you do with my personal information?

Do you ever run any discounts?

Why are my seasonings and dip mixes clumping up over time? Does this mean they have gone bad?

Should I refrigerate the Infused Oils after opening them?

How long will a dip last after it is made?

What is the difference between and a rub and a seasoning?

Can I use only half of a dip mix at a time to make a "half batch" of dip?

Are Brozzian's products sold in stores?

Does Brozzian carry any salt free products?

Does Brozzian have any recipes or ideas on how to use the products?

Why can I not make a dip out of one of the seasonings?

Can I use the dip mix for anything else other than to make a dip?

How did Brozzian Start?