About Us

Our Story

It all started with two brothers and a desire to create. At the time, Tom was a trained chef working in the industry, and Nick was a student studying engineering.

Tom originally created a special seasoning by request of Tom and Nick's mother—a seasoning that she could put on anything and make it better. The seasoning turned out pretty good, and soon became a staple in the family kitchen. They didn't know it yet, but that seasoning would later become Brozzian's Signature blend: All Purpose Seasoning. Tom enjoyed making that first seasoning so much, a small line of seasonings was soon available in the family cabinet.

It wasn't long before talk of a company starting circling the dinner table. In the Fall of 2014, Tom approached Nick with the idea of creating their own spice company. On May 5th, 2015, this idea became a reality as Brozzian was born.

Brozzian Spices has always been about great flavor at a great price, backed with the idea that anyone can create restaurant quality food right in their own kitchen, as long as they have a little help from Brozzian. We have always been passionate about helping others enjoy both cooking and eating, with the idea that a little extra love can make a huge difference in the end result.

There are three main differences between a great tasting meal and one that falls short:

  1. Quality Ingredients
  2. Good Cooking Techniques
  3. Seasoning

Many people overlook the third and vital step as it can be overwhelming to try to think of which spices and herbs work well besides simple pepper and salt. At Brozzian Spices, we've taken the hard steps out and designed specific seasonings that are versatile for many different dishes, each with great tasting elements that are designed to enhance the flavor of your dish, rather than just masking it.


Who We Are

Tom Bedrosian - Founder, Co-Owner, Chief Executive Officer

Tom, 32, attended Johnson and Wales University and received his degree in Culinary Arts. He has worked at renowned restaurants throughout central Massachusetts, and was able to learn many advanced techniques at a young age. After several years in the industry, Tom set his eyes on something more than cooking gourmet food for the average person. Rather, he wanted to help average people cook gourmet food for their friends and family. He has seen great tasting food bring people together over the years, often at his hand. Now it was his time to give back, and spread the love to anyone who was willing to release their creativity and add a pinch of Brozzian.

Tom's responsibilities include coming up with all the recipes for all the products, designing new product lines, manufacturing all the products, operating the warehouse, purchasing, and shipping and receiving.

Tom's favorite products from each product line:

Mac & Cheese: Cajun

Seasoning: All Purpose

Dip Mix: Tuscan

Salt: Sriracha

Infused Oil: Italian Herb Oil


Nick Bedrosian - Founder, Co-Owner, Chief Financial Officer

Nick, 27, attended Wentworth Institute of Technology for Biomedical Engineering. It was there that he learned loads of 3D modeling, human anatomy, and the half-life of various chemicals. Although he doesn't use some of that every day, it prepared him to have the willpower to learn many different things from several different fields. As Tom's younger brother, Nick has always looked up to Tom and always imagined owning a business together one day.

Nick's responsibilities range from tracking sales and finances, operating the website, running social media, customer service, purchasing, and shipping and receiving.

Nick's favorite products from each product line:

Mac & Cheese: Barbecue

Seasoning: New Orleans

Dip Mix: Southwest

Salt: Sriracha

Infused Oil: Spicy Chili Oil

The Power To Bring People Together

Although they have been learning as they go, the two brothers behind Brozzian have the aptitude and desire to take the right steps and spread the word about Brozzian. Want to bring your family and friends together? Have someone you haven't seen in a while? Want to just smell the aroma of a great meal and a job well done? Give Brozzian a try. We hope you can do what we have and find the joy in bringing people together. Spread the love, and make a great tasting meal for people you care about—you can do it, just let us help!