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Brozzian's Infused Spicy Chili Oil is a unique and attractive looking oil. It has a nice, deep red color that features an intense flavor and spiciness. The oil is packed with tons of spices and an array of different peppers, with chili peppers leading as the main component. This oil goes great with all of your favorite Mexican, Spanish, Japanese, and Southern American Dishes.

How Spicy?

4/5 on the Spicy Scale. This is very spicy but not to the point where it is meant to be a challenge. This level will still be enjoyed by those who love a nice burn in their mouth and have had their fair share of spicy food.

Try On:

Dipping Bread, Dressing, Marinating, Sautéing, Drizzle on Sandwiches, Taco's, Rice, Fajita's, Salsa, Use as a Sauce or Try it in Your Favorite Recipe.


9 fl oz Bottle


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chili Peppers, Paprika, Garlic, Red Peppers, and Sea Salt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cindy Wisniewski
Awesome infused oils.

Love the oils. Lots of flavor.

Lisa Anderson
Kickin Dippin

Wonderful flavor with a nice heat. Great for dipping bread and to use to saute your veggies with some kick.

Daniel Marlborough

Marinated chicken with it, used it as an app with bread for guests. Amazing.

Thanks for your review, hopefully your guests liked it!

Jill Callahan
Not as spicy as I thought

This is a spicy oil, don't get me wrong. But if you're used to spicy food and eat buffalo wings, spicy hummus, and other spicy foods then this will be just the right amount of spicy. I was concerned due to some of the other reviews and the the redness of the oil that it would be like a spicy challenge, but it't not. The oil is a great flavor, perfect level of spicy, and possibly one of the best I have tried in recent memories. Definitely recommend.

Solid Oil

Did some research (as I always do) and found good things about this company. Took a chance on this oil, it had a little more kick than I was anticipating but nothing too overbearing, I really like the flavor actually. Also love how well it comes packed when they ship it, nothing like Amazon, 1 small air balloon thing and they toss it around. At least this company seems like they care. And they look like they're just getting going and my fiance and I really enjoy supporting smaller businesses whenever we can.

Kristofer MacNeill
Great oil

I was given this as a gift and now it is my go to oil for stir fry, fried rices and many other dishes. If you have not tried it I highly recommend it.

Louis Graskil
Good flavor but a little spicy

Bought this after loving their Italian Oil so much. My gf use it nearly every night, but this one was a little spicier than I anticipated. I'm a little sensitive to spicy so maybe that's why, my parents and girlfriend loved this oil. It did have nice flavor but I needed some milk afterwards!