Our Capabilities and Industries We Serve

Online/Direct To Consumer

Our Objective

Working directly with the consumer is our favorite method of spreading the love of Brozzian. To help do this, we have just built a brand new website which we hope you're enjoying right now! We aim to have brozzian.com accomplish several different goals:
  • Getting our products to you. Fast and easy.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • A one-stop shop—no need for regular spices and herbs anymore!
The first two points are nothing new, but a one-stop shop is where we hope to change the way you look at seasoning your food. With our vast variety of products, we make it easy by blending all those regular spices and herbs for you. This way, you can spend more time making awesome food and less time measuring small amounts of this and that. Now, all you need is Brozzian.

How we will Evolve

It seems no one likes the same old stuff over and over. Well, we plan to avoid the mundane by adding new products and recipes to our website on a consistent basis to ensure we fulfill all our customers' needs. Our research and development department is always looking to innovate something that's new, unique, and missing from the food industry.

Stay in Touch

You may also sign up for our mailing list so you can receive updates on sales, new products, new recipes, and anything else Brozzian. We will not spam you with emails, our company believes in giving our customers the information they're looking for just once or twice a month. Nobody wants that annoying email every few days with just useless information; we believe in doing things differently and paving our own way to be a better company. Especially for you.

Wholesale and Distribution

If your company is interested in carrying our products for either wholesale or distribution then we recommend you go through either Mable or Faire, which is where we offer all our Mac & Cheese and Seasonings at the best rates and cheapest shipping options. Click the links below to go to our Mable store or our Faire store.

If you don't wish to set up a Mable or Faire account, or you're interested in other products, then please use our contact us page or reach out to us at sales@brozzian.com or 508-266-5229. We would be happy to talk to you about pricing and which products would work best for your application.

When it comes to wholesale and distribution, we value 3 things above all else:
  • Getting our product to our customers as fast as possible.
  • Making it readily available in many different areas.
  • Selling it at the best price possible.
We know that these will make our products easier for consumers to find and purchase.
We currently have many wholesale accounts ranging from smaller grocery stores to gourmet shops and deli's, and we're happy to work with our buyers and stores when it comes to educating them about each of our gourmet products. This includes knowing which products will fit at that location and how to display them. Whether you're looking for our best-sellers or some of our more unique products, Brozzian has you covered from start to finish.

Food Service and Commercial Use

We have significantly expanded this part of our business over the last year. We now have large amounts of inventory, commercial sized bottles, and packaging in stock ready for restaurants, caterers, food manufacturers, and many other food service applications. Recently, we have also started preparing to send our commercial products through food service distribution to make our products more readily available to the food industry. If you operate a food service establishment and you are interested in adding our gourmet products to your inventory, please use our contact us page or reach out to us at sales@brozzian.com or 508-266-5229.

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes

We are now offering mini gift boxes on our site's gift box page. These boxes feature:
  • 5 gourmet seasonings or salts, which can be chosen by the customer.
  • A completely customized label to our customer's specifications.
    • This includes their logo, information, and colors placed in a design of their choice.
We are currently using these boxes for more than just retail. They are great for employee appreciation gifts, raffles, corporate gifts, fundraisers, and as housewarming gifts. Whether you're a bank doing mortgages or a school with sponsors, we are willing to work with you. We specialize in custom projects and making something that you are truly satisfied with.
If this is something you are interested in, please don't hesitate to use our contact us page or reach out to us at sales@brozzian.com or 508-266-5229.
Tell us what you're looking for, we want to make it special and unique for you!