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I love the Gift package, All the spices are wonderful and I will continue to be a customer

Potato Seasoning

I was so excited when I found this, I’d been looking for exactly this for a couple years. Love it-will have to order 2 bottles at a time.

Worth it

I only wish there were nore flavors. At first it seemed like any regular mac and cheese, but man it's not. The flavors are unique and rich. Worth every penny


I use this spice on EVERYTHING
Makes it all taste amazing!

Love the Mac and Cheese!!

I have tried all the Mac and cheese flavors brozzian has to offer and love them all! This variety pack is perfect to have all of the flavors on hand for whatever mood you’re in!

Truly all purpose

This seasoning is perfect for so many things. It’s a staple in my pantry.

Awesome spices, fast delivery!

I just love the potato spice seasoning. If you are having trouble figuring out what spice to get, get this one first. I ordered 4 more and will review those all also soon. These spices and seasonings are so wonderful and they taste great! The delivery was quick and easy, painless to online order. I love this place and I appreciate it. Thank you!

Spicy Mac and Cheese

One word says it all Delicious.

We Love This Dip

The maple flavor really shines! Makes a fabulous dip but then I sprinkled it into some plain yogurt to give it a wonderful boost.
I added it to my French Toast Bake mixed with cream cheese and sprinkled on top and my family was raving about it. I will be buying this again and again.

Absolutely lovely presentation

I bought a few of the gift boxes to gift this Christmas. The guys put as much thought and care into their packaging and presentation as they do into their products. These are gifts you can be proud to give. Not only are the seasonings and salts exceptional quality, you will be supporting an independent business!

Fiesta Mac & Cheese
Lynnie DaGreat
Best mac ever!

I bought some mac and cheeses at the natural living expo, I thought they would be weird, I tried the fiesta of the best macs i have ever had. EVER! lol I will def be buying more but i want to try the others first.

Tasty Mac and Cheese

Grabbed a variety pack as I am a noodle dinner lover and willing to try anything new noodle wise! I hope they make more flavors in the future! The Pizza and Fiesta mac (taco) were tasty. The Cajun has a nice amount of spice that is tasty-spice not my-mouth-is-on-fire spice, while the Chipotle is the opposite. The Barbecue didn't taste like barbecue, but I only have potato chips as a flavor reference. Whatever the taste was it was tasty. I still need to try the Campfire! The Chipotle packet of powder from the six-pack was unusable (it was a hard brick that wouldn't crumble up) and customer service was prompt in fixing the issue! I highly recommend Brozzian and its mac and cheese meals to any fellow noodle connoisseurs! : ) I hope they add even more flavors in the future!


I love it and so thus my husband! Not salty which I love! My granddaughter Rachel Litchfield introduced me to your products! Thank you ☺️

Roasted Potato Seasoning
Margaret Pottle
Great Spices !

The Roasted Potato Seasoning is one of our favorites!

Fiesta Mac & Cheese
Glennda Nelson
Another delicious Mac & cheese flavor

Thanks guys for creating another flavored mac and cheese. We love this one also! Keep 'em coming!!

seasoning review

Love these products, spoke to the owners at a cars in the park event a few years back and havent let my stock run out since then! Keep up the good work.

Corn on the Cobb Seasoning
Laura VandenAkker
My favorite!

I have taken this with me on our large family vacations to Maine the last several years. We eat corn on the cob almost every night for 2 weeks on the lake and everyone uses it! I would be in trouble if I forgot to pack it!

Just get the 6 pack

You’ll be glad you got the extra.

Amazing in pasta salad!

I have used this as a dip for mainly veggies, but I adventured out and added this to my pasta salad for a cookout. I will be using this in all future pasta salads from now on. Huge hit!!

The best salt infusion!

Everyone loves this salt!

Delicious, and so easy to make.

Just as simple to make as boxed mac and cheese but with an elevated taste. There is so much goodness stuffed into this package.

amazing a very happy customer

I love this sea salt, with this on my salad I don't need to use dressing gives it a bacon taste. I have most of the salts and seasoning haven't found one I didn't like. You cant go wrong.

Campfire Mac & Cheese
Lisa Anderson
Smoky Flavor Delivered

All of the Brozzian Mac & Cheeses are delicious but the Campfire is my favorite of the mac and cheeses. It has a wonderful smoky flavor that reminds you of cooking over a campfire. Great product that the whole family enjoys!

Great Italian Flavor

I love to put this on almost anything. Great for making anything get an Italian flair. The great flavor makes so many of my recipes an upgrade. As of late, I have used it with the barbecue spice rub in my turkey meatballs. I would highly recommend getting this seasoning.

Kickin Dippin

Wonderful flavor with a nice heat. Great for dipping bread and to use to saute your veggies with some kick.