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The absolute best

Super yummy - throw away your boxed mac and cheese! This is so much tastier and the red pepper gives the mac and cheese a perfect kick.

Can’t get enough!

This is the best salt I have ever used! It has such a great flavor that adds a delicious kick to anything you put it on!


This is my favorite seasoning! I use it on as much as I can. So delish!

More versatile than you would think

I literally cannot have eggs anymore unless I have the Everything seasoning in or on them. My friend uses this quite a lot. She made an encrusted salmon and said it was the best she had ever eaten. Another absolutely amazing product.

Grilling Seasoning

My son loves cooking on the grill so I thought I’d try this. He now uses it on everything he grills!!! It adds a great flavor to steaks, burgers, and even chicken!!

Fiesta Mac & Cheese
susan jasnos

I’ve always love Mac and cheese but it seems unless you make it yourself you end up with all cheese and chewy Mac
Not with ANY of the variations Brozzians makes! A perfect balance of cheese and super Mac! Fiesta is my favorite!!!

My daughters favorite food

Once my daughter tried your Mac and cheese she won’t eat any other kind. I love it myself.
I also use your spices
Thanks for great products.

All Purpose Seasoning

This is perfect for steak and burgers

Dill Dip Mix
Heather Wright
Simply delicious!

Delicious dill dip for all sorts of veggies and crackers!

Mac and cheese

I hate Mac and cheese never like it . Til one day my son give me a package to try and I fell in love with it . Now I ordered it all the time love it

Very versatile seasoning taste great on chicken, pork beef, eggs, and so much more!

Infused Spicy Chili Oil
Cindy Wisniewski
Awesome infused oils.

Love the oils. Lots of flavor.

Garlic & Herb Dip Mix

I love giving gifting Brozzian products for Christmas. The dips are a great gift for all their holiday parties.

Infused Italian Herb Oil
Aksel Thibodeau

I love this oil! Great for dipping bread, roasting vegetables, marinating chicken, you name it! Great as a gift as well.

Awesome Service and Delivery

I ordered this spice for my husband for Christmas. He is obsessed with this spice and puts it on everything. We received our delivery via local delivery/drop off within a day. It was quick and free shipping because we are local. We were so happy with the service and delivery - And we had it with plenty of time to spare before Christmas. Very pleased!!!!

Love this product!

Great Mac and Cheeses & love the infused oils! Great presents for Christmas!

Infused Sweet Onion Oil
Cindy Wisniewski

Love all the spices. The infused oils are a must have.

Awesome product

Once you’ve tried one, you’ll try them all.

Great quick meal

Very tasty

Good stuff

My sons love it. Me too.

So good!

Love this blend. I use it for air fryer fries on both regular and sweet potatoes. So good on oven roasted potatoes and I even add a little to mashed for extra flavor. I always have a back up so I never run out! Like the other Brozzian spices, lots of flavor without excess salt

Vegetable Seasoning
Taleen Donoian
Great flavor

The vegetable seasoning adds great flavor without being overly salty. It’s a staple in my kitchen. I use it alone or in combination with other Brozzian spices to add depth and deliciousness to my veggies!


Absolutely the best mac & cheese ever


My husband loves all the Mac n cheese’s. Everything tastes fresh and not boxed.

The best Mac and cheese EVER

You think I'm joking when I say it's the best, but I'm not. This is THE BEST brand I've ever bought. Every single flavor is amazing, and there hasn't been a flavor that i didn't like. There is a ton of flavor, and you don't need to add any additional seasoning! I will keep buying this brand!