Storing Our Products

Never Store Seasonings, Dip Mixes, Salts or Oils

  • In the fridge/freezer
  • Above the stove/toaster
  • In direct sunlight
  • In a humid area



Tips On Storing / Using Our Products

  • Store seasonings, dip mixes, and salts in a dark, dry space out of direct light.
  • Preferably store seasonings and salts in a kitchen cabinet or pantry.
  • Never shake seasonings or salts over a steaming pot, as this will cause clumping and add humidity to the bottle which reduces the quality and shelf-life of the product.



Shelf-Life Of Our Products

  • All Brozzian products have best by dates on all their packaging, except for the salts. 
  • Salts don't need a best by date as they never go bad and will stay fresh in the right environment.
  • All our salt should be used within 10 years, they don't actually expire, this is just the time frame for the best quality and flavor.
  • All our dry products have a shelf life of 18 months to 25 months depending on production date.