Infused Italian Herb Oil

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A perfect all-around oil with very complimenting flavors. It is produced with loads of Italian herbs and spices to give it that Italian flare. If you have ever craved that dipping oil that you dip fresh bread in at your favorite Italian restaurant, then this oil is the one for you.

How Spicy?

Our Infused Italian Herb Oil is not spicy.

Try On:

Dipping Bread, Dressing, Marinating, Sautéing, Drizzle on Sandwiches, Homemade Bruschetta, Homemade Pesto, as a Sauce, or try it in your Favorite Recipe.


9 fl oz Bottle


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Basil, Rosemary, Garlic, Onion, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Herbs and Spices.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Aksel Thibodeau

I love this oil! Great for dipping bread, roasting vegetables, marinating chicken, you name it! Great as a gift as well.

Lisa Anderson
The Bomb on Zucchini

Love this for bread dipping but it really is also excellent on saute'd zucchini. A couple of table spoons and it lifts up zucchini or broccoli or any vegetable that I have saute'd. Great quality and fabulous taste! I also love that I am supporting a small, local business.

Jim V

Tastes great cooking in the skillet and by itself as a dipping oil with some bread. Fast delivery even during the holiday chaos. Happy that I found you!

David Laroche
Cracked bottle caps

Both bottles purchased had cracked bottle caps. Perhaps a process issue during production. Love it though!

We're glad you love it! We're very sorry to hear about the cracked caps. You will be receiving an email from our support team momentarily to resolve this issue. Thank you!

Lauren B.
The Best Italian Oil

This italian style oil is the best for dipping, marinating and drizzling! I LOVE it. I like to dip bread in it, use it on salads, marinate stuff in it and I love using it to make some of my faves like bruschetta and bruschetta pizza at home. This oil is definitely worth a try.

Samantha Drew
Great oil!

The first time I had this dipping oil was at an event Brozzian I went to and I loved it! Italian food is definitely a favorite of mine and there is no better way to have your bread than with some Brozzian oil. This specific oil has a great flavor and I would 100% give it a try!

Louis Graskil
Using a lot of it

Bought this at a show a few years back where the people there let me sample it. Since then I've ordered at least a dozen of these off their website. They didn't allow reviews back then so I'm glad I can leave this one now!

This is literally the best oil I have ever had. Better than the dipping oil at ANY restaurant including NYAJ, and there's is so good. My gf use this all the time with nearly all our meals. Amazing how one item can change your diet so much! Hope they release more oils soon, the spicy one was a tad too spicy for me although my gf did like it.

Brittany K.
Best Dipping Oil

This oil is the best dipping oil for bread that I have found yet. I love dipping oil's that they serve at Italian restaurants. I have been searching for a good one for a while now and finally found this. I'm addicted and ordering a lot more soon!!!