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Hi just wanted to say that I love your product 5 stars. I also wanted to say how nice the Brozzian sales people (family) are. They have great products and are very sweet to their customers. I met them at the sidewalk sale in Whittenville and sampled their Dip Mixes...Amazing and very reasonably priced. Give them a try you will not be disappointed. Sincerely, Sue C

By: Sue in Massachusetts on 6/24/2018

I have been using Brozzian spices for the past few months and now I won't use anything else. Going to clean out the spice cabinet and get rid of all the others. Brozzian spices are so fresh it's unbelievable!

By: Maryann in Massachusetts on 6/1/2018

I bought the yellow potato one at Wachusett Mtn last year and just opened it last night and put it on my home fries and my husband just simply couldnt get enough! He said it was the best ones I had made yet! I had also bought a vegetable seasoning and the dill dip. I plan to use the dill for memorial day cookout.

By: Kerry in Massachusetts on 4/18/2018

After trying a few, I now use Brozzian products in almost anything that I cook. They bring out a whole new flavor to my food that I simply was not able to reproduce using standard seasonings.

By: Justin in Illinois on 12/30/2017

Tonight I wanted to bring some flavor to a simple summer grill - I used the Barbeque rub and seasoning on chicken thighs and the Corn on the Cobb spice on zucchini, as well as a splash of infused Italian herb oil and grilled them both. It was a fantastic meal, packed with flavor!! I'm so grateful for the Brozzian Spices!! Gourmet flavor just got so easy!!

By: Rosanne in New York on 8/23/2017

This weekend I was at the Bolton Fair and our booth was set up a few tents down from Brozzian's...curious as to what they sold I went over to check it out. And I am glad I did, the dips, seasoning and oils are very good if you enjoy adding flavor to your meals as I do....the customer service was great as they focused on each customer and sold their product with good energy. The smelling jars for the seaonings is a great idea and is what inspired me to buy 3 of their seasonings. I bought the Sicilian, Homestyle Pasta and Roasted Potato Seasonings. The sample dips were very flavorful and I enjoyed going back for seconds on that, haha. Thank you for your great smiles and friendly customer service. I definitely plan on getting more of your product.

By: Rebeckah in Massachusetts on 8/14/2017

I visited brozzian's booth over the weekend at a food truck festival. They have so many different products to choose from it's hard to choose. I had some samples of their dips and they were sensational. I bought Tuscan, Garlic and Herb and a Volcano. I can't wait to make them for my memorial day party. Thanks Brozzian!

By: Stacy in Massachusetts on 5/23/2017

Brozzian dip mixes are ridiculously good. I tried brozzian for the first time last week when my friend brought it to my house for a party. I will be ordering or visiting one of brozzian's store locations very soon. I highly recommend this product.

By: Chris in Massachusetts on 4/1/2017

My only complaint about Brozzian is that I'm addicted and can't get enough!!!!!

By: Beth in Massachusetts on 3/20/2017

Brozzian saved me during the Holiday season with their gift boxes! I ordered two, they both came nicely packed (I was impressed!!). I got one for my mother and one for my grandparent s. My mother has always needed some additional spices and my grandparents LOVE cooking. A must have for a kitchen. Recommend!

By: Ava in Massachusetts on 12/29/2016

1st contact with these products was @ Mt Watchusetts Farmers Market--Samples were delicious-Purchased a few & found more @ Foppemas Farm Store. After speaking with my husband Dan, Tom graciously donated a sampler box for our St. James Harvest Fair Silent Auction & we had samples of dip for people to try--many great comments were given.. The sampler box would make a great (useful) Christmas gift for people. I also plan to buy some products as stocking stuffers for the adults. Products are all natural fresh & flavorfull

By: Lillian in Massachusetts on 11/22/2016

I saw brozzian at the farm fest festival and I purchased a few items but two of them I can't get enough of. The applewood smoked salt and the barbecue rub. These are awesome and I use them all the time when I smoke ribs and chicken wings.

By: Frank in New Hampshire on 11/10/2016

Brozzian's Seasonings and Dips are the best I have ever tried!!! Im totally addicted and can't cook one meal without using them.

By: Lisa in Massachusetts on 9/17/2016

I like that I don't have to worry I've added too much or too little of an individual herb or seasoning. With everything being tastily prepared in one bottle, every thing I cook comes out flavorful. Dips are equally tasty and I see the bottom of the bowl quite quickly. Everyone loves the dips I make with the Brozzian dip packets.

By: Ed in Florida on 7/14/2016

I first tried Brozzian after winning an Instagram contest and I will definitely be a returning customer for now on. Brozzian makes quality products that I believe will taste good on absolutely anything! Can’t wait to try another spice and dip mix.

By: Alex in Massachusetts on 7/14/2016

I actually discovered these products on accident, but boy I'm sure glad I did! Rushing home from work and headed to a friend's Fourth of July barbecue, I was completely flustered trying to find a quick appetizer to share. At Foppema's farm I grabbed a Southwest dip mix, some sour cream, and a flower pot (yes, there were no bowls so I had to improvise ;) ). All of my friends absolutely LOVED the dip. It had just the right amounts of spiciness, flavor, and all around deliciousness. Since then I have purchased several of their spice blends, and let me tell you they do not disappoint! I would definitely recommend the potato seasoning and the applewood smoked sea salt. I will definitely be a life long customer and I can't wait to try some more of their products!

By: Lily in Rhode Island on 7/8/2016

Though I tend to be hesitant about trying new things, I'm glad I made an exception for Brozzian. The all purpose blend has added robust flavor to everything I've tried it on - fish, burgers, steaks, homefries, everything really - and I can't recommend it enough! Same goes for the applewood smoked salt, which smells and tastes like it just came out of the smoker and adds a fantastic dimension to grilled food, especially beef. Definitely some quality products here, I'm a return customer for sure!

By: Karen in Massachusetts on 7/6/2016

I bought 2 Brozzian seasonings a month or two ago and started using them on everything, now I own 6 different seasonings and have started replacing my spice cabinet with just Brozzian. It's literally all I use now, I'm addicted and won't use anything else.

By: Andy in Massachusetts on 6/13/2016

After purchasing some spice mixes from Brozzian I tried two of the recipes offered on the website. The Penne Al Vodka and the Seaside Baked Haddock featured easy to follow directions, readily available ingredients and the results were outstanding for both. Both dishes were easy enough for a weeknight meal but would also be great to serve guests. I can’t wait to try some of the other recipes and hope that more will be added.

By: Patty in Massachusetts on 5/18/2016

I love all these dips an seasoning mixes. Brozzian makes quality products and they are a great family business!! Love, love, love them !!!

By: Rebecca in Massachusetts on 5/9/2016

Brozzian dip mixes are the most flavorful and addicting dips that I have ever tried. If you haven't tried a Brozzian dip, you are missing out by buying anything else. Must Try!!!

By: Beth in Connecticut on 5/8/2016

I just started using Brozzian Products recently and I have to tell you the quality of the seasonings and dips is superior to most that I have ever tried. One thing that I'm now addicted to are the recipes listed on the site, they are restaurant quality and easy to follow. I can't wait for new recipes and products to see what awesome things Brozzian can come out with next.

By: Peter in Massachusetts on 5/2/2016

These spices can liven up even the simplest dish. We were feeling lazy one night and just threw butter on some pasta. I decided to try sprinkling a little of the Garlic & Herb seasoning on and it was absolutely delicious! This will definitely be one of our go-to quick meals.

By: Arthur S in Massachusetts on 4/27/2016

Tonight I tried the grilling seasoning on my chicken. I have never had such delicious and flavor packed piece of chicken! I ordered 6 more items and can't wait to try them all!

By: Jessica in Massachusetts on 4/27/2016

I have been using Brozzian spices for almost a year. I have used the All Purpose, Roasted Potatoes, Garlic and Herb, Barbaque Rub, New Orleans Rub Seansoning. I have used these seasoning on all meats, fish and vegetables. My son who is six and always asks me to use the Barbaque Rub whenever I cook any meat or chicken. If you have not tried any you have idea what you are missing. I will use nothing else but Brozzian Spices on my meals.

By: Dan in Massachusetts on 4/27/2016

I saw Brozzian for the first time at a Business Expo in Central Massachusetts, they had a awesome booth set up with a large verity of seasonings and dips. They were sampling 4 of their dips and I figured how good could it be but let me tell you they were the best dips I have ever tried in my life. I was addicted immediately, especially to the Garlic and Herb and Southwest. I bought 6 dip mixes that day and will be ordering more online soon.

By: James in Rhode Island on 4/18/2016

I started buying Brozzian Dips and Seasonings at my local farm stand last summer and I was impressed with the quality and flavor of the products. I like how they are preservative free and are all natural, its hard to find good quality at a good price. I bought they're products 4 separates times throughout the summer, thats how often I use them. Brozzian is a must have in my home now.

By: Mark in Massachusetts on 4/16/2016

My husband and I love Brozzian Products! They're seasonings have immense flavor and little goes a long way. They've got a great variety and something for almost any type of food you're preparing. Thank You Brozzian, YOUR PRODUCTS ROCK!!!

By: Sarah in Massachusetts on 4/4/2016

I use Brozzian Seasonings when i cook dinner every night. They are literally the best i have ever used, top of the line quality and flavor, I feel like a true chef cooking with them. I also like how they have what the seasoning works best with on the bottle so i know what food to try it on. Im now a Brozzian customer for life!

By: Ryan in Massachusetts on 3/11/2016

Thanks to Brozzian my kids say I can now cook with flavor!!!!!! Amazing what a little spice can do

By: Chyrel in Massachusetts on 3/3/2016

Brozzian's Volcano Dip Mix is the best dip i have ever eaten in my entire life. It is extremely addictive and i could literally put it on anything. It's a must try for anyone who loves spicy food!

By: Brittany in Massachusetts on 3/2/2016

I found Brozzian's website searching for gourmet spices blends on the internet. There was a very unique selection of products to choose from. The recipes that they supply really helped me decide what products interested me most. I bought the All Purpose Seasoning, Roasted Potatoes Seasoning and the BBQ Seasoning. I use them all the time, best seasonings i have ever used. Shipping was fast, I highly recommend Brozzian. I will be ordering again soon!

By: Rob in New York on 3/2/2016

We were fortunate to have our daughter visit from MA and gift us with some Brozzian seasonings and dips to try. Cooking with these new flavors has sparked up our meals with enjoyable flavors. The All Purpose, Roasted Potato, Indian and Seaside seasonings add such wonderful flavors to everything. The dips she brought are also so flavorful. Our favorites are the Southwest and the Garlic & Herb Mix dips.

By: Lorraine in Florida on 2/24/2016

Brozzian dips have become a huge part of my family of late. Every week when we watch 60 minutes we either have a nice brozzian dip, or even sprinkle some of the all purpose seasoning on our pasta. It really adds a whole different element to your food, and keeps you wanting more. I highly recommend getting this for all of your parties or family functions.

By: Brock in Massachusetts on 2/23/2016

Picked up a couple of Brozzian dips at a local store and absolutely loved them! Made them for a party and cookout that I had and everyone was asking where I gotthem. Highly recommend!

By: Nancy in Massachusetts on 2/22/2016

For years, I have had cake on my birthday. Yet, this year, for some reason, no one got me any cake. My brother came home with this Brozzian dip that I had never heard of. It was the Southwest Dip. Made it, had it, loved it, now I'm here talking all about it. Years of cake tradition...ruined, shattered like glass on the pavement. And you know what, I don't even care. It was worth it.

By: Jarred in Massachusetts on 2/21/2016