Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce the name of the company?


Why do Brozzian Spices or Spice Blends clump up a little over time? Does this mean that they have gone bad?

Our spices or spice blends can occasionally clump up and stick to the inside of the bottle. This does not mean that the spice or spice blend has gone bad, the spice just simply needs a little shake to return to its normal texture. This occurs because we use no preservatives or any other additives whatsoever—including common anti-clumping agents utilized by many other companies.

How long will a dip last after it is made?

A dip will last around 5 to 7 days after it is made. The quality of the dip in both taste and texture cannot be guaranteed after this 5 to 7 day period. However, the dips have been known to last longer under specific conditions.

What makes Brozzian stand out from the rest?

Brozzian products are all-natural and unique. Brozzian does not use any MSG, preservatives, and other additives that are found in similar products. Brozzian offers a healthier choice as well as products that are different and exciting at a competitive cost.

Can I use only half of a dip mix at a time to make a "half batch" of dip?

Brozzian's dip mixes have been designed to always be used in their entirety in one batch, and that is how Brozzian recommends it to be done. However, once you buy the dip mix, it is yours to do with what you please. If you do decide to only use a portion of the dip mix, it is highly recommended that you pour the entire dip mix into a bowl and mix it very well before measuring off a portion. After completing this, put the remainder of the dip mix in an airtight container to preserve freshness.

Are Brozzian products sold in stores?

Brozzian is currently sold in several stores within Massachusetts. (See our Store Locations) Brozzian is not currently supported in any major retail stores across the nation. Support us on Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) to get the newest updates on where Brozzian will be next!

How fast will my products be shipped?

Your product shipping time depends on your location. Brozzian products ship from Massachusetts, and will usually arrive within two days. Depending on your distance from Massachusetts, this time frame may vary slightly. However, keep in mind that your orders will not be shipped until payment for that order has been received.

Does Brozzian carry any salt free products?

Brozzian currently carries two salt free products. Brozzian's Vegetable Seasoning and a salt free version of our famous and signature All Purpose Seasoning (Salt Free). So if you always wanted to try our seasonings but can't have salt, these two seasoning are the ones for you.

How often does Brozzian add new recipes to the site?

Brozzian is currently adding 2-3 Recipes a month. We are always innovating here at Brozzian, our goal is to bring you new and awesome tasting recipes geared around our top of the line products but still keeping the recipes simple so you can make them at home any night of the week without any hassle.

Why can I not make a dip out of one of the seasonings?

Brozzian highly recommends that you do not try making a dip using one of our seasonings. The reason is that our gourmet seasonings are designed to be cooked with, not to be put into dip form. We cannot guarantee the flavor profile will be correct due to the proper amount that is needs to be added and the flavors of that particular seasoning will not pair well with ingredients to make a dip. However, it is your seasoning that you have purchased, you may do whatever you please.

Can I use the dip mix for anything else other than to make a dip?

Brozzian Dip Mixes are extremely universal. Other than making them in dip form as suggested in the directions on the mix, you can use them to make a cheese ball, flavored dipping oil, or a marinade for meat or chicken. These recipes and more can be found at Brozzian's Recipes. You should also try the dip mixes on the following: Roasted Chicken, Pork Loin, Pot Roast, Meat Loaf, Pasta Sauce, and many more—just get creative!

How did Brozzian Start?

Brozzian was started by two brothers who wanted to make a difference in the food industry by making very unique spice blends and dip mixes. While focusing on making great tasting food and being creative, they pushed toward an all-natural perspective to be sure that the product they are selling is as fresh and natural as the flavors that they are creating.